Prawns in a cheese sauce (6 psc) based on Italian gorgonzola with fresh aromatic marjoram needles NEW 39

White wine prawns (6 psc) served in a classic butter and wine with garlic, parsley, and crispy croutons 39

Beef tartare classically served with onion, pickle, capers, egg yolk, and light bread 37

Grilled Black Angus beef grilled beef slice layered on crispy herbed toast with Thai basil and tarragon chimichurri salsa, served with chive mayonnaise NEW 38

Poultry liver with mushrooms and fresh marjoram in a delicate cream sauce, served on grilled buttered toast NEW 33

Labneh cream cheese served with fried shallots and garlic, seasonal vegetables, chive oil, and crispy focaccia. We prepare the labneh ourselves using the highest quality Greek yogurt. This is the perfect starter item to share! vege 32

Roasted beetroot croissant with currant glaze, stuffed with cream cheese, served with blanched kale and roasted shallots NEW vege gluten-free 31