Kraft Beers 17 Ask our staff

Piknikowe Grodziskowe light, crisp pils, brewed on the occasion of the 5th birthday of the restaurant 17

Piknikowe Pszeniczne wheat beer
, classically turbid, brewed for Piknik’s 6th birthday 17

Piknikowe alcohol-free, crisp, citrus, brewed for Piknik’s 7th birthday 17

Piknik IPA persistent, bitter with the aroma of tropical fruits brewed for Piknik’s 10th birthday 17

Piknik Marakuja – bright, pasteurized, unfiltered tropical combination 17

Książęce: wheat beer/red lager 15

Piwo Żywe light lager, unpasteurized, unfiltered, live yeast cultures, beer poured from a keg 0.3l/0.5l 10/15

Bavaria alcohol-free ask the waiter about the available flavors 0.33 12

0.4l 13

Beer juice: ginger /raspberry 1