Piknik Lunch

Piknik Chipotle Burger 200g freshly grilled beef served in a butter bun with red onion, pickled cucumber, lettuce, Mimolette cheese, proprietary mayo-chipotle sauce, and bacon, served with thick fries 43

Pastrami Sandwich slices of smoked beef brisket (160g), a handful of sauerkraut, and homemade pickles closed in butter bread with cheese sauce, served with a portion of fries, We prepare Pastrami ourselves! Marinate the meat approximately 14 days, dried and smoked in beechwood smoke 42

Fish and chips cod fillet in crispy beer coating served with fries, green peas, and bearnaise sauce NEW 41

 Chicken mayo sandwich  fried crispy chicken closed in butter toast with kimchi mayonnaise, green cucumber, refreshing radicchio salad, served with a portion of fries   NEW 38

Croissant with halloumi
grilled halloumi slices and eggplant closed in a butter croissant with pepper-cream cheese, arugula and basil pesto, served with a light salad with tomatoes  NEW vege 38
Replace french fries with sweet potato fries +7