Long Island Iced Tea stronger drink, based on vodka, tequila, gin, and rum, topped up with Coca-Cola  32

Pornstar martini refreshing combination of passion fruit, vanilla, and vodka 31
a glass of prosecco you can add to a cocktail or sip to a taste

Gold Digger dry combination of gin Beefeater induced earl grey tea with lemongrass and grapefruit with a sweet finish and a drop of oil NEW 31

Strawberry Jager mojito refreshing combination of strawberry, mint, lime, and Jagermeister topped up with beer NEW 31

Spicy Aperol Fizz delicate drink with Aperol, lemon, and spices, topped up with apple cider NEW 29

Scoth Raspberry combination of raspberry, mint, and whiskey, topped up with blackcurrant juice 29

Aperol Spritz delicate, citrus drink with prosecco, orange, and soda water (also in the 0% version!) 29

Violet Gin&Tonic combination of London gin, violets, and citrus, topped up with Kinley Pink Aromatic Berry tonic 28

Tangerine daiquiri cocktail based on light rum, tangerine, and cinnamon NEW 28
Pink Martini velvety cocktail with Wyborowa, peach liqueur, hibiscus and forest fruit infusion and coconut foam NEW 27

Classical mojito refreshing mix of Havana’s rum, mint, and lime (also in the 0% version!) 26

Vodka/whiskey sour velvety mix of fresh lemon juice, alcohol and sugar syrup 24/27