Main courses

Black Angus steak
(300g) freshly grilled beef served with steak fries, light salad, two original sauces and herb butter
gluten-free / new
Roasted duck
half of boneless duck served with homemade dumplings, caramelized apples with fresh marjoram and redcurrant sauce based on red wine
Salmon fillet
marinated in Dijon mustard with honey, baked in crispy walnut breadcrumbs, served with potatoes stewed in Alfredo sauce and light chickpea, arugula and cherry tomatoes salad
Pork sirloin sous-vide
served with mushed potato with baked garlic and brown butter, chanterelle sous, bacon bits and grilled Roman salad
Pasta fresca
with shrimps and anchovies in smooth, butter&wine souce with leek, garlic and parsley
Homemade ravioli
stuffed with baked pumpkin and mascarpone, served with light butter sause with garlic, herbs, cherry tomatoes and wallnuts
vege / new
Supreme chicken breast
served with confit potatoes, baked parnip mousse, carmelized carrots and rosemary plum jam
gluten-free / new
Autumn vegetables
served with spicy, baked pepper hummus, burnt potatoes, chimichuri sauce and pan-roasted sunflower seeds
vegan / gluten-free / new
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