Craft Beer16
Piknikowe grodziskowe
light, refreshing pils brewed for our 5th birthday
Piknikowe Pszeniczne (wheat beer)
classically turbid, brewed for our 6th birthday
Piknikowe alcohol-free
refreshing, citrus, brewed for our 7th birthday
Książęce wheat beer, red lager, IPA13
Żywe Beer
light lager, unpasteurised, unfiltered, live yeast, draft beer from a keg 300ml/500ml
Bavaria alcohol-free ask waiter for available options12
Cider 300ml11
Juice ginger/raspberry1

White wine

House wine
ask our waiter
16/ 65
Catarratto, Pinot Grigio, Italy
Refreshing, tropical fruit and vanilla aroma, universal
18 / 75
Vinho Verde, Portugal
slightly sparkling, citrus, perfect for warm days
19 / 80
Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand
very aromatic, tropical with sweet accent and average acidity
29/ 125
Draught prosecco21/ 1l 95


Red wine

House wine
ask our waiter
16 / 65
Merlot Cabernet, Italy
Fruity with aromas of blackcurrant and forestfruit, slightly dry
17 / 75
Tempranilo, Syrah, Merlot, La Mancha / Spain
Rich aromas of moka and spices
19 /80
Negroamaro, Apuglia, Italy
very ripe wine with a big dose of sweetness and the aroma of forest plants, cherries and blackberry
21 / 95
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Pornstar martini refreshing combination of passion fruit, vanilla and vodka
you can add glass of prosecco to coctail or drink for taste
Long Island Iced Tea strong drink for winter evenings, based on vodka, tequila, gin, rum and Coca-Cola®31
Stawberry Jager mojito refreshing combination of strawberries, mint,
limes, Jagermaister and beer
Honeybee combination of jasmine and orange with Jack Daniel’s Honey29
Violet Gin & Tonic combination of London gin, violet and citrus with rose tonic Kinley28
Hugo Spritz combination of elderflower, raspberry, lime and mint with Prosecco28
Melon Gin Fizz combination of melon, basil and Gin Beefeater28
Aperol Spritz  28
Sangria Bellini peach drink based on prosecco
with fresh fruit
Mojito refreshing mix rum Havana, mint and lime26
Mai Tai tropical combination of light rum and dar rum with pineapple and almond26
Cosmopolitan sweet-sour drink with vodka, orange liqueur and cranberry juice26
Vodka / whisky sour
peachy mix of fresh lemon juice, alcohol and sugar syrup
24 / 27


Distill N.910/ 0,5l 100
Ostoya12 / 0,5l 120


Soplica flavored10 / 0,5l 90
Beefeater London Gin12
Tequila silver with lemon15
Ballantine’s16 / 0,7l 230
Jameson Irish Whiskey17 / 0,7l 250
Jim Beam17 / 0,7l 250
Jack Daniels18 / 0,7l 270
Johnnie Walker Black Label22
Chivas Regal 1224
Aberfeldy 12yo Single Malt26
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