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Children’s menu

Lazy dumplings in vanilla cream with stewed cherries NEW vege 26
Mini fish and chips breaded cod served with fries and mizzle  24
Chicken fillets in a cornmeal-based coating with fries and mizzle   gluten-free 21
Pasta in delicate tomato sauce with a dash of parmesan cheese  vege 18
Homemade broth of chicken and beef with tiny noodles and carrots 16
The child’s portion of fries    12
Sweet cocoa with marshmallows 10


Homemade broth delicate chicken and beef broth served with tiny noodles 23
Roasted pumpkin cream with ginger, plum jam and sour cream NEW vege 26
Soup of the day we cook different soups every day, please ask what our cooks are preparing today


Goat’s cheese salad toasted goat’s cheese roll served on a bed of lettuces with roasted beetroot, pickled pumpkin, blackberry sauce, and crispy focaccia NEW vege 36

Chef’s salad confited duck on a mixed salad with orange segments, roasted pumpkin seeds, and raspberry sauce gluten-free 34


Prawns in a cheese sauce (6 psc) based on Italian gorgonzola with fresh aromatic marjoram needles NEW 39

White wine prawns (6 psc) served in a classic butter and wine with garlic, parsley, and crispy croutons 39

Beef tartare classically served with onion, pickle, capers, egg yolk, and light bread 37

Grilled Black Angus beef grilled beef slice layered on crispy herbed toast with Thai basil and tarragon chimichurri salsa, served with chive mayonnaise NEW 38

Poultry liver with mushrooms and fresh marjoram in a delicate cream sauce, served on grilled buttered toast NEW 33

Labneh cream cheese served with fried shallots and garlic, seasonal vegetables, chive oil, and crispy focaccia. We prepare the labneh ourselves using the highest quality Greek yogurt. This is the perfect starter item to share! vege 32

Roasted beetroot croissant with currant glaze, stuffed with cream cheese, served with blanched kale and roasted shallots NEW vege gluten-free 31

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Hot nachos with homemade cheese sauce, slightly spicy tomato salsa and spicy jalapeno peppers vege gluten-free 33

Sweet potato fries with two dips – aioli and sriracha (300g) vege gluten-free 33

Chicken wings in Hoi-sin oriental sauce with chives and sesame seeds NEW 32

Large portion of thick fries (400g) served with two dips – aioli and tomato salsa vege gluten-free 31

Calamari breaded calamari rings served with lime sauce and aioli 29

Piknik Lunch

Swap the usual fries for sweet potato fries +12

Piknik Chipotle Burger 200g of freshly grilled beef, served in a buttery bun with fresh vegetables, grilled onions, mimolette cheese, proprietary mayo-chipotle sauce, and bacon 43

Pastrami Sandwich slices of smoked beef brisket (160g), a handful of sauerkraut, and homemade pickles encased in buttery bread with a side of cheese sauce. We marinate the meat for about 14 days, and smoke it in beechwood smoke. 42

Vege burger with grilled courgette and aubergine, fried egg, potato pancake, pickled onions, pickled cucumber, and mayo-sweet chilli sauce NEW 41

Fish and chips cod fillets a crispy batter served with fries, lime sauce, and aioli sauce 38

Panuozzo grilled chicken fillet dunked in basil pesto served in an Italian roll baked in Ciao Pizza Napoletana with mozzarella, rocket, and cherry tomatoes 36

Portobello sandwich slices of grilled portobello mushroom layered on crispy bread with herb cheese, blanched kale, fried shallots, and red currants NEW vege 32
We serve every dish with a side of french fries. Replace french fries with sweet potato fries +9

Main courses

Black Angus beef steak 250g freshly grilled beef served with steak fries, light salad, two proprietary sauces, and herb butter gluten-free 91

Salmon fillet marinated in Dijon mustard with honey, baked in a crunchy crust, served with potatoes braised in Alfredo sauce and a light salad of chickpeas arugula, and cherry tomatoes 79

Sous-vide lamb shoulder withan autumnal composition with chestnut mousse, honey-caramelised roasted carrots, spiced plums in a wine reduction, and an herbal and nutty topping gluten-free 75

Roasted duck half of a loosened duck served with home-made hoof balls, caramelized apples with fresh marjoram, and a red wine-based currant sauce 67

Homemade ravioli stuffed pumpkin and orange sauce and grilled goat cheese roulade, roasted fig and roasted sunflower seeds. NEW vege 43

Supreme chicken breast in basil and parsley pesto, served with fried parsnips carrots, cabbage, confit potatoes, and grilled corn NEW 42

Pasta fresca spaghetti pasta with fried pear in a cream sauce with gorgonzola, roasted nuts, and pancetta crackling NEW 42

Culurgiones sardinian ravioli stuffed with roasted pumpkin, sweet potato, and chilli in a delicate sauce based on cream, orange and parmesan with kale NEW vege 41
Chcemy się rozwijać, dlatego zdecydowaliśmy się zmniejszyć kartę i codziennie gotować inne dania uzupełniające stałe menu. Zajrzyj do karty dodatkowej i daj się zaskoczyć!

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Carrot pancakes layered with soft mascarpone cheese, served with stewed cherries and mint NEW 28

Chocolate fondant hot chocolate cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and caramel sauce 24

Ice cream dessert two or three scoops of ice cream with hot raspberries, whipped cream and homemade sauce  small 17/ large 23
In our confectionery showcase you can find a large selection of cakes, If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask our witer

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Espressosmall 8 / large 10
Americanosmall 9 / large 11
Americano with wilksmall 10 / large 12
Cappucinosmall 10 / large 12
Flat White 12
Mocca with hot chocolate and whipped cream18
Pumpkin Spice Cappucino with winter spices and whipped cream21
Fullfilling wishes – lactose-free milk, plant milk +2, and decaffeinated coffee

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Hot chocolate

Extra: whipped cream +2, marshmallows +2, Baileys +10

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Winter tea
with raspberries, oranges, cloves and cinnamon
Ginder-spiced tea
with ginger, anise, cinnamon cardamom, honey and lemon
Hot lemonade
with ginger, cinnamon, honey and rosemary
Leaf tea PIAG14
See the menu of our new teas

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Freshly squeezed juice
(orange, grapefruit, mix) 330ml
Piknik lemonade 15
Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Fuzetea, Tonic Kinley
Cappy juice
orange, apple, multivitamin, blackcurrant 250ml
Mineral water
Kropla Beskidu, Kropla Delice 330ml

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Craft Beer17
Piknikowe grodziskowe
light, refreshing pils brewed for our 5th birthday
Piknikowe pszeniczne (wheat beer)
classically turbid, brewed for our 6th birthday
Piknikowe alcohol-free
refreshing, citrus, brewed for our 7th birthday
Piknikowe mara
light, tropical, pasion fruit, brewed for our 10th birthday
Piknikowe IPA
bitter, tropical, clasic IPA
Książęce wheat beer, red lager15
Żywe Beer
light lager, unpasteurised, unfiltered, live yeast, draft beer from a keg 300ml/500ml
Bavaria alcohol-free ask waiter for available options12
Cider 300ml12
Juice ginger/raspberry1

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White wine

House wine
ask our waiter
16/ 65
Catarratto, Pinot Grigio, Italy
Refreshing, tropical fruit and vanilla aroma, universal
18 / 75
Riesling, Germany
fresh and aromatic, with citrus fruits accent
Vinho Verde, Portugal
slightly sparkling, citrus, perfect for warm days
19 / 90
Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand
very aromatic, tropical with sweet accent and average acidity
29/ 125
Draught prosecco21/ 1l 95


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Red wine

House wine
ask our waiter
16 / 65
Merlot Cabernet, Italy
Fruity with aromas of blackcurrant and forestfruit, slightly dry
17 / 75
Tempranilo, Syrah, Merlot, La Mancha / Spain
Rich aromas of moka and spices
19 /80
Negroamaro, Apuglia, Italy
very ripe wine with a big dose of sweetness and the aroma of forest plants, cherries and blackberry
21 / 95
Are you lookng for a different wine? Ask our waiter.

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Long Island Iced Tea stronger drink, based on vodka, tequila, gin, and rum, topped up with Coca-Cola  32

Pornstar martini refreshing combination of passion fruit, vanilla, and vodka 31
a glass of prosecco you can add to a cocktail or sip to a taste

Gold Digger dry combination of gin Beefeater induced earl grey tea with lemongrass and grapefruit with a sweet finish and a drop of oil NEW 31

Strawberry Jager mojito refreshing combination of strawberry, mint, lime, and Jagermeister topped up with beer NEW 31

Spicy Aperol Fizz delicate drink with Aperol, lemon, and spices, topped up with apple cider NEW 29

Scoth Raspberry combination of raspberry, mint, and whiskey, topped up with blackcurrant juice 29

Aperol Spritz delicate, citrus drink with prosecco, orange, and soda water (also in the 0% version!) 29

Violet Gin&Tonic combination of London gin, violets, and citrus, topped up with Kinley Pink Aromatic Berry tonic 28

Tangerine daiquiri cocktail based on light rum, tangerine, and cinnamon NEW 28
Pink Martini velvety cocktail with Wyborowa, peach liqueur, hibiscus and forest fruit infusion and coconut foam NEW 27

Classical mojito refreshing mix of Havana’s rum, mint, and lime (also in the 0% version!) 26

Vodka/whiskey sour velvety mix of fresh lemon juice, alcohol and sugar syrup 24/27

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Distill N.910/ 0,5l 100
Ostoya12 / 0,5l 120

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Soplica flavored10 / 0,5l 90
Beefeater London Gin12
Tequila silver with lemon15
Ballantine’s16 / 0,7l 230
Jameson Irish Whiskey17 / 0,7l 250
Jim Beam17 / 0,7l 250
Jack Daniels18 / 0,7l 270
Johnnie Walker Black Label22
Chivas Regal 1224
Aberfeldy 12yo Single Malt26
Looking for a specific drink? Would you like a different cocktail? Ask our waiter!


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